Workshop cleaning system «BDC-5-10500-Push-Pull»

//Workshop cleaning system «BDC-5-10500-Push-Pull»

Workshop cleaning system «BDC-5-10500-Push-Pull»


Application&Areas of application:

Workshop air cleaning system Push-Pull is designed for areas with a lot of welding working places,

both stationary and movable. Consists of BDC-5 Promair Compact fan filter units and technological air feeders of special configuration.

Push-pull system ensures effective air cleaning in industrial workshops and chemical and semiconductor industries with open chemical containers and open pollution sources.

Push-Pull operation algorythm:

Welding aerosol and other emissions flow up from every welding place in the form of pollution cloud

at 4-6 meters. On this height special air feeders are placed: with air catching holes from the one side and

with air distributing nozzles from the other.

Push-pull system operation principle is hidden in the appearing difference between static pressure at the

rooms floor and high pressure in a laminar jet.

«Welding cloud» because of the pressure difference goes up where under the influence of uncharging

created by FFU flows into the air catchers and then into the fan filter device where it is 99% cleaned and

the pure air flows to distributing air feeder.

Through the nozzles of a certain form and size cleaned air returns back to the workshop. For equal air

distribution our companies engineers developed special exit grates, the air is equally distributed in the

room without forming turbulent flows. The problem of grates in push-pull system is that standard grates

and standard air feeders don’t let to create a laminar flow. The usage of standard grates creates “dead

spots” during fan filter systems work. Turbulence can appear alongside air feeders, which leads to

impossibility to create laminar flow; the system will not filter the air.

By modeling we work out geometric sizes of each grate and air feeder, depending on rooms size. Every

grate should ensure airs laminar flow and air cleaning in the push-pull system.

Advantages of the solution:

* There are no local exhausts (general filtration system for the whole room)

* Stationary and movable working places cleaning

* Heat and energy economy

* Constant cleaning from smoke till the ambient air standard

* The system is fully autotomized and does not require any staffs attention

* Push-pull system applied to facilities provides them with economy and high air cleaning capacity. Push-pull systems exploitation is cheaper than classic exhausts and ventilation systems. The system can also be installed in sports centers, concert halls, hotels, restaurants, and other large rooms which need effective ventilation.

* U-systems are manufactured, as well as parallel PUSH-PULL systems. Our engineers will design and adjust a push-pull system for your workshop, this systems working effectiveness depends on its precise adjustment.




Voltage, V


Alternate current frequency, Hz


Sizes (WхDхH), mm


Filtration class


Cleaning effectiveness, %


Fan engines power, kVt


Fan capacity, m3/hour


Fan capacity fact., m3/hour


Number of cartridges


Filtration surface, m2


Automatic filter clean


Compressed air pressure, atm.


Air consumption per 1 impulse, l.


Noise level, decibel


Mass, kg



Referring to the drawings in DXF format

Units dimensional outline

Fan filter unit «BDC-5-002-10500-Push-Pull»