Fan filter unit «BDC-5-007-2500-Compact»

//Fan filter unit «BDC-5-007-2500-Compact»

Fan filter unit «BDC-5-007-2500-Compact»


Application&Areas of application:

Fan filter unit «BDC-5-007-2500-Compact» – is designed to clean the polluted air from dust and fine dry cohesionless particles on the chemical industries (particularly: for phosphate materials dust arresting during its transportation). Is used as a means of solving air pollution problems or as a technological process element, ensures highly effective, continuous and operative dust-arresting. Is used for effective dust-arresting in metalworking facilities, moto-vehicle, chemical, wood and food industries. Is applied to the facilities with continuous cycle and high safety requirements.

Fan position: on the units upper part.

Principles of operation:

BDC–5 unit consists of a medium receiver chamber 1, to which a polluted air from pollution sources

flow through the air feeder. The polluted air passes filtration elements 6 which ensure 99% cleaning

effectiveness, appears in the chamber 2 and through the air feeder is spread outside in the surrounding


Dust particles (fine heavy elements) rest on filters 6 outside surface and receiver chamber 3 (dust

collector).Indicator 5 controls duct collectors 3 filling level and gives a sign on the units control panel

where a green bulb turns on, indicating that the dust collector 3 is full. Double dust gate 4 ensures dust

unloading after it reaches a certain mass. The worker can set the unloaded dust mass, controlling gates

load position.

The chamber 2 is supplied with a receiver which ensures filtration elements in the chamber 1 cleaning.

Pressure differential indicator measures filters 6 pollution and after reaching the set index provides short

(impulse) air feeding under the high pressure against the general air flow. As a result of a pneumatic hit

on filtration elements 6 the dust is removed from filtration elements outside surface and falls into the

dust collector 3, while the unit continues its regular work.

«BDC-5-007-2500 Compact» fan filter units work is controlled with the help of control block which

turns on the engine, regulates the work of pneumatic valves, launches automatic filter cleaning.

Units corrosion treatment is conducted with the help of polymer cover with antistatic effect.




Voltage, V


Alternate current frequency


Size (WхDхH), mm


Filter element type and class

Cylinder F9

Cleaning effectiveness, min %,


Fan engine power, kVt


Fan capacity, m3/hour


Pressure, Pa


The number of cartridges


Filtration surface, m2


Automatic filter clean


Compressed air pressure, atm.


Air consumption per 1 impulse, l. 50
Noise level, Db


Mass, kg



Units dimensional outline

Fan filter unit «BDC-5-007-2500-Compact»