Fan filter unit «BDC-5-003/004-6000 Compact» (valve feeder)

//Fan filter unit «BDC-5-003/004-6000 Compact» (valve feeder)

Fan filter unit «BDC-5-003/004-6000 Compact» (valve feeder)


Application&Areas of application:

Fan filter unit «BDC-5-003/004-6000 Compact» – cartridge unit with automatic filter cleaning system, designed for effective dust-arresting in metalworking facilities, car, chemical, wood and food industries. Is used for effective dust-arresting in metalworking facilities, moto-vehicle, chemical, wood and food industries. Is applied to the facilities with continuous cycle and high safety requirements.


Principles of operation:

Polluted air caught by the unit, is cleaned from dust and other fine particles with the help of filtration system, and then cleaned air is returned back into the room or to the atmosphere. Filtration components: two cylinder cartridge filters, made from polyester with liquid-oil repellent effect or polyester with PTFE membrane, with F9 purification class, which ensure high durability and chemical inertness to aggressive gases and dust. The unit consists of filter and fresh air cameras, engine section, fan and automatic filter cleaning system, bunker and discharge device, control unit and a number of indicators and electronics for units automatic safe work in set optimal regimes. Programmed control system allows customizing the device precisely to work in various cases, according to goals set, and to control working parameters. Cylinder filter clean is automatic, with the help of compressed air impulse (3-6 atm.) which goes on the inside of filters, shaking the dust off to the bunker at the bottom of the unit. From there the dust with the help of valve feeder or double dust gate is unloaded on the transporter, in the big-bag or other dust vessel.

Advantages of the solution:

* Intellectual control system «BDC-PromAir».

* Powerful remote fan (units height downsizing).

* Automatic cleaning system (filter regeneration).

* Filtration surface – 80 m2. * Engines frequency control (option).

* Unloading principle: valve feeder.

* Cartridge filters from polyester with liquid-oil repellent surface as well as filters resistant to high temperatures can be used depending on the gas-air mixture.

Control block.

Controls the number of fan rotations, chooses optimal work regimes, between certain intervals launches automatic filter cleaning, controls parameters, which are necessary for effective and safe work: air pressure, voltage, filters’ pollution level, etc.


Parameter BDC-5-003-6000-Compact BDC-5-004-6000-Compact
Voltage, V 380/400 380/400
Alternate current frequency 50 50
Size (WхDхH), mm 2233*2976*1100 2233*2976*1100
Filter element type and class Cylinder F9 Cylinder F9
Cleaning effectiveness, min %, 99 99
Fan engine power, kVt 11 11
Fan position On the left On the right
Fan capacity, m3/hour 6000-10000 6000-10000
Pressure, Pa 1200-1500 1200-1500
The number of cartridges 4 4
Filtration surface, m2 80 80
Automatic filter clean YES YES
Unloading principle Valve feeder Valve feeder
Bunker filling indicator YES YES
Compressed air pressure, atm. 3-6 3-6
Air consumption per 1 impulse, l. 50 50
Mass, kg 650 650
Noise level, Db 75 75


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Units dimensional outline

Fan filter unit «BDC-5-003/004-6000 Compact»