Fan filter unit «BDC-13-001-3000-local filter»

//Fan filter unit «BDC-13-001-3000-local filter»

Fan filter unit «BDC-13-001-3000-local filter»


Application&Areas of application:

Fan filter unit «BDC-13-001-3000-local filter»  (further – Local filter)  is designed for highly effective dusty air cleaning.

Local filter is used in various industries when filtrate has to be returned to the technological process without utilization. Looks like typical filtration sections. Filters are installed directly on the equipment (silages, bunkers, conveyers, etc.) and do not require input to the aspiration system.

Principles of operation:

Dusty air comes from silage or bunker to the bag filter through its lower part, gas-dust mixture passes through arms, while dust particles are caught on their outside surface and clean air flows into clean chamber and through the nozzle leaves the filter.

Filter elements regeneration is fulfilled with the help of compressed air impulse. Compressed air from the receiver through electric valves flows into blowing pipes situated upon filtration elements’ open ends in the clean air chamber.

Compressed air impulse flows inside filtration element through the nozzles in blowing pipes, shaking off the dust from its external surface.  The dust shaken from filtration elements falls back into the silage.

Advantages of the solution:

  • Units capacity increases after adding sections
  • Dusty air flow direction is from top downward which decreases dust load on the filter fabric, decreases the risk of dust adhesion on arms and makes their regeneration easier.
  • The possibility of filters maintenance service without stopping the aspiration system with the help of closing valves in front of the required section (in case of multi-sectional filter arrangement)
  • Fast filter change.
  • Filtration elements automatic regeneration.

Additional options:

  • High temperature resistant design;
  • explosion-proofing design;
  • pneumatic valves heating system;
  • другие опции по требованиям заказчика



BDC-13-001-3000-local filter

Size (WxDxH), min, mm


Mass, kg, max


Air capacity, min, m3/hour


Filtration elements type and class

Bag F9

Number of filters


Filtration surface, m2



Cleaning effectiveness, %


Compressed air pressure, atm.


Voltage, V


Frequency, Hz


Engines power, kVt



Units dimensional outline
Fan filter unit «BDC-13-001-3000-Local filter»