Dust-extraction unit «High temperature filter BDC-5-012-5700 with panel filters»

//Dust-extraction unit «High temperature filter BDC-5-012-5700 with panel filters»

Dust-extraction unit «High temperature filter BDC-5-012-5700 with panel filters»


Application&Areas of application:

«High temperature filter BDC» unit is used to clean heated air from solid particles which can appear from high-temperature corrosion on high-heat surfaces of the heat generator, is used to clean the air of high temperature from the dust which impedes technological processes in food industry (for example during dry milk production). Can be used on the facilities with continuous cycle.

Heat generators high temperature filter HG-1,9-200 is manufactured according to the current safety requirements.

Construction and principles of operation:

High temperature filter construction consists of a frame from profile stainless AISI 304 tube and external casing from sheet steel with powder cover. The space between the inner chamber and external casing is filled with heat proof from silica felt (100 mm width) and maximum temperature applied is 1150С.

Heat generators high temperature filter consists of upper feed chamber where heated to 260° С air from heat generator flows through the air feeder. Then heated air passes through F8 class filtration elements which ensure cleaning effectiveness up to 95%. After passing filters cleaned heated air through the outlet flange goes further through the technological cycle.

To access filter chamber there is a rectangular hatch on the side wall.

Units anticorrosion treatment is fulfilled with the help of polymer cover.



High temperature filter BDC-5-012-57000

Size (LхWхH), mm


Mass, max, kg


Capacity, max, m3/hour.


Number of cleaning classes


Number of filtration elements


Cleaning effectiveness  –F8 class

Up to 95%

Filtration elements sizes


Max air temperature, 0С


Polluted air concentration before entering the filter, mg/m³


Polluters concentration in the cleaned air,  mg/m³



Unites dimensional outline
«High temperature filter BDC-5-012-57000»