Dust extraction unit «BDC-5-8000-Bag filter»

//Dust extraction unit «BDC-5-8000-Bag filter»

Dust extraction unit «BDC-5-8000-Bag filter»


Application&Areas of application:

Dust extraction unit «BDC-5-8000-Bag filter» is a module system designed for cleaning air from fine and medium-sized dry dust in the rooms with a big number of air catching places with high dust level. The unit is furnished with an input filter regeneration mechanism with compressed air impulse blow. Filtration element – F9 class arms on metal frames. Units capacity can be increased by adding modules.

Areas of application: is used for effective dust-arresting in metalworking facilities, vehicle, chemical, wood and food industries. Can be applied to the facilities with continuous cycle.

Principles of operation: Polluted air is caught with the help of local dust-arresters from different parts of the facility (including conveyer band), through air feeders gets to the chamber with filtration elements where filtration is conducted with the help of bag filters of F9 purification class.

During filter regeneration cycle an energy is supplied to the electric valve after which the valve of a respective membrane launches a compressed air impulse through filtration arms (from the inside to the outside) removing the dust from filters surface. Then polluting elements are dropped into the hopper (bunker) and are removed from there with the help of valve feeder or manual shutter (double dust gate) into the big-bag (container, transporter) for further utilization.

Cartridge filters from polyester with liquid-oil repellent surface as well as filters resistant to high temperatures can be used depending on the gas-air mixture.

Advantages of the solution:

Filtration elements’ change without stopping the units work. The system of gates on the entrance to each the module is applied.
Easy opened sections service cover lets to easily change filtration elements. Upper (fast and comfortable) filter change. Does not require pneumatic pipe line uninstallation.
In case of collected elements sticking to the bunker, there is a system of pneumatic hammers, which hit bunkers walls during certain periods of time, shaking up collected particles and excludes the possibility of their caking.
Automatic filters pneumatic cleaning system.
Possible unloading systems: double dust gate, valve feeder, conveyer screw.
Options: High temperature resistant design; explosion-proofing design; silage design (without a bunker); pneumatic valves heating system; body heat isolation; service platform; fan; bunkers filling indicator.